Our 24-head snapshot scanner has been running great since 2003. Even with nine heads riding on the carriage for Surround Scan, we've had no problem with the JS-20 scan heads.

Mark Hecker,
Operations Manager
Buse Timber and Sales

3D Scanning for Carriage Headrigs

The carriage headrig has continued to evolve with the industry – from manually operated to photo-cell arrays to front-side-only shape scanning. And today, complete-coverage 3-D scanning is the gold standard. JoeScan's complete-coverage 3-D scanning is based on our standard JS-25 scanners, known for their simplicity, flexibility and reliability.


Front and Back Advantage

By scanning both the front and back side of every log, our scanners provide the optimizer with a complete picture of the possible value of every log. The optimizer can then select a cut that maximizes that value.


Increased Scan Density

For carriage headrig applications, we recommend using one of our multiple-laser models – the JS-25 X2, the JS-25 X3, or the JS-25 X6B. These multiple-laser models offer greatly improved scan density over single-laser scan heads. 

  • JS-25 X2: Dual lasers spaced 12 inches apart; can capture all the data you need in only a foot of travel
  • JS-25 X3: Three lasers spaced 6 inches apart, which provide more scan data for log positioning and improved data on high-speed carriages
  • JS-25 X6B: Six lasers spaced six inches apart, which provide a high-density scan in less than six inches of travel


Flexible Placement

The multiple-laser JS-25 X2, X3 and X6B models offer a careful balance between cost and flexibility. Multiple-laser units can be individually placed and oriented to ensure every laser is getting a good scan, avoiding the many obstructions present in a mill environment and allowing the user to choose between 6- and 12-inch lasers.

Product Specs
Max Resolution:

X2: +/- 0.030”
X3: +/- 0.030” 
X6B: +/- 0.100"

Placement Flexibility:

X2–2 lasers 12” apart
X3–3 lasers 6” apart
X6B–6 lasers 6" apart

Max Scan Rate:

X2–425 profiles/sec. per laser
X3–283 profiles/sec. per laser
X6B–283 profiles/sec. per laser

Depth of View:

X2– 3' to 8'
X3–3' to 8'
X6B–7.5' to 10'


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