3-D laser scanning has revolutionized the wood products industry, allowing mills to optimize their cutting decisions and maximize yield. JoeScan scanners are made for sawmills. With JoeScan scan heads, you get the best of reliability, quality and technology. Every JoeScan JS-25 scan head is simple to install, easy to use and built for maximum reliability.

JoeScan’s newest scanner, the JS-25 X6B, addresses the sawmill industry’s need for a carriage headrig scanner with a large standoff. The JoeScan JS-25 X6B carriage scanner enables a standoff up to 120 inches. It features a slim housing, runs on direct Ethernet and uses the same calibration and diagnostic tools as the other JS-25 X-Series scanners. 

Every JoeScan scanner is backed by helpful people and online support. We're so confident in our products that we offer the industry's leading 5-year warranty – a guarantee that we've offered for 10 years and counting. If you encounter a manufacturing defect within 5 years, we'll fix it at no charge. In addition, every JoeScan scanner is backed by a 10-year product support policy to protect against obsolescence. Now that's reliability you can trust.  

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"JoeScan scanners are reliable, stable and have a long life. Those qualities, combined with the practical application and the result to our mill, set their scanners apart from the competition."

David Richbourg,
Plant Manager
H.W. Culp Lumber Co., Inc.