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Online Documentation

JS-20 3D Scanner Family Manual

This document describes the JS-20 family of scanners and how to use them. Some common questions are addressed in the sections below.

  1. Mechanical Mounting Specifications
  2. Electrical And Cable Specifications
  3. Legacy Electrical And Cable Specifications
  4. Maintenance
  5. Performance


 JSDiag Manual

Use this manual to set up and perform maintenance on your JS-20 scanner.

  1. Calibrate the scanner
  2. Edit parameters
  3. Diagnose problems


Parameter Reference

Reference for the JS-20 parameters.

  1. Define calibration fixtures
  2. Enter encoder parameters
  3. Enter laser exposure parameters


 C/C++ Developer Documentation

Documentation for using the DLL to communicate with JS-20 scanners. Download as a PDF.

.NET/C# Developer Documentation

Documentation for using our .NET assembly to communicate with our scanners. Download as PDF.


JSConfig - Revision 2819
Program for finding and configuring scanners on the network.
Revision 2075 fixes a bug that caused JSConfig to fail on many Windows 7 PCs.
Revision 2819 improves JSConfig's reliability on PCs with multiple network interfaces.

The JSDiag program is not available directly from here. Instead, you can obtain it by pointing your web browser directly at the IP address of your scanner, e.g.

Communication DLL - Revision 3219
C/C++ and Visual Basic 6.0 interface code to write programs for talking to the scanners.

.NET Assembly Rev. 3258
C# interface code for talking to the scanners.